Sunday, December 02, 2007

New BioShock Title Update and Free Content

Great news for BioShock fans, Xbox 360 and PC gamers alike! Taken straight from The Cult of Rapture's main page:

"Both the BioShock PC Patch and the 360 Title Update will be available next week. In addition to these fixes, we will be releasing downloadable content free on both Xbox Live and for the PC, with the DLC bundled into the PC Patch. A full list of bug fixes and everything included in the DLC will be put up on the Cult of Rapture when the downloads become available."

The rumour mill I've heard is that the new content will be a few new Plasmids, which'll add some nice replay value to the game. It also looks like a new Achievement has been added to the Xbox 360 version, a Secret Achievement worth 100 Gamer Points. It'll be interesting to see if the rumour mill is correct on this one to, as the talk is it's supposed be awarded for completing the game on Hard without using any Vitachambers.

So long as this new Title Update doesn't screw up the game like the last one, this is some really great news!

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