Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mass Effect: Limited Collector's Edition at Future Shop

BioWare said it wouldn't be coming to Canada, yet Best Buy had it and now, Future Shop has it. You can order the Mass Effect: Limited Collector's Edition online only from Future Shop here for $69.99.

That's fair, American pricing, and had I known it would have been released properly in Canada, I would have waited instead of buying the standard retail edition shortly after launch date, which I bought in-person from Future Shop.

Oh well. I've barely played the game as of this typing and it really hasn't gripped me. So far, combat's felt clunky and the characters themselves seem rather generic. I hear the game gets better though, but at this point, I don't really miss not having the Limited Collector's Edition too much; leaves me a bit more shelf space and that's an additional $10.00 that Microsoft Game Studios won't be getting from me.

Nicer box art though.

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