Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gears of War (PC) Title Update

At long last, Epic Games has released a Title Update (apparently they're not calling them patches anymore) for Gears of War (PC) that greatly improves the game's performance, which will be automatically downloaded the next time you connect to Live or you can download it the old fashioned way here.

As mentioned in my review of the game, Gears of War was poorly optimized for the PC, which continually resulted in a great deal of gameplay stuttering. With this Title Update, however, this appears to have been fixed.

I did several tests and the game has run beautifully smooth on my system's default settings (mainly Medium Video Settings), and I even dared to push everything up to High just for fun. On High Video Settings, Gears of War ran well with hiccups here and there, but ironically it was much smoother than I could run the game on Low Video Settings prior to the Title Update.

Be warned however that after applying the Title Update, my father's Checkpoint was somehow messed up, and he was forced to start where it loaded him, about halfway through Act II, when he was actually halfway through Act IV.

I'm not perfectly certain if this was the result of the Title Update or just a coincidence, but its something to take note of.

Epic Games has also posted details here on how to correct the stability issues when starting the game from the DVD's splash screen.

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