Sunday, February 08, 2009

Halo Wars Demo and Media Galore

The big news for me from this past week is all about Halo Wars, Ensemble Studios' and Microsoft Game Studios' upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive RTS.

Unless you've been in a media blackout, you no doubt know that the demo for Halo Wars was released this past Thursday, and you can queue up your download right here.

Not only is the fully playable demo, featuring two tutorials, the first two Campaign missions, and Skirmish mode versus a single AI opponent available, but we have two videos and the game's full manual available for download as well.

The first video is the second Halo Wars ViDoc entitled "Expanding the Arsenal," and you can download it via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace here or watch it below.

The next video is the Halo Wars Official Trailer entitled "The Call to Battle," which you can also download here or watch it below.

Finally, you can download the game's full manual in .pdf form here, and prepare yourself for launch.

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