Friday, February 20, 2009

Mass Effect (Xbox 360) Platinum Hits Edition Released

Announced in BioWare's February News Letter, issue 55 (though for some reason this announcement is absent in the online version), on February 10th the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect has been released as a Platinum Hits title, but unlike most games that go Platinum, they've included a second bonus disc which contains:

- Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky Gameplay Module (DLC)
- 4 documentaries including the Sci vs Fi TV Special
- Live 2.0 Theme (perhaps the recently released Mass Effect Premium Citadel Theme?)
- Art and Visual Design Gallery

Honestly, this sounds more like a mini-limited collector's edition as opposed to a Platinum Hits title, but who's complaining.

If you missed out on Mass Effect, now would be an excellent time to pick the title up.

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