Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halo 3 - Limited Edition Scratched Discs

As many of you probably know, as soon as Halo 3 was released this past Tuesday many online publications began posting about scratched discs appearing in the Halo 3 - Limited Edition. Due to a faulty design, the discs in the metal case do not clip in securely and can get loose, bouncing around and getting scratched by the metal of its very own case.

I pre-ordered my copy online with Best Buy, and of course, the package arrived with both discs loose and scratched. Thankfully since I was poking around the net on launch day, I new about this issue before hand and knowing firsthand how Canada Post deals with most of it's packages, I would have been surprised had my Halo 3 discs arrived in any reasonable condition.

I drove to my nearest Best Buy and after a mixed customer service experience, I exchanged my copy and everything appears to be working fine. Not the best way though for Microsoft to start the launch of the biggest release for their current gen console.

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