Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Halo Wars Strategic Options DLC Announced

This afternoon, Robot Entertainment announced the first official DLC for their console exclusive real time strategy game, Halo Wars. Titled the "Strategic Options DLC," Halo Wars will receive three additional game modes and four new Achievements.

The additional game modes, available in both Multiplayer and Skirmish are:

- Keepaway Mode. A variation of Capture the Flag, be the first to capture three of the five free-roaming Forerunner Sentinels to win.

- Tug of War Mode. Revolves around being constantly stronger than your opponent(s) by not only killing units, but also by having a larger army, more resources, and more buildings by game's end.

- Reinforcement Mode. Instead of training units, you're supplied them in waves by the game itself.

The four new Achievements are all related to the new game modes, and no date or cost for the Strategic Options DLC has yet been announced.

For full details, head over to the official Halo Wars site.

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