Sunday, April 05, 2009

Poll of the Week Now Closed

Well it was worth a shot, but the Poll of the Week isn't taking off with just 2 votes happening on this past week's poll. So after a month trial, I've decided to shut them down. If there's enough requests, I'll bring the polls back, but otherwise, I'll simply continue to post the quality news and reviews you've come to expect from Arbiter's Judgement.

For the results of last week's poll: "How Do You Feel About Achievements?"

Achievements are amazing, and I gotta catch 'em all! 0 Votes, 0%
Achievements add some solid replay value to my game. 2 Votes, 100%
Achievements are alright, but I don't need them for my experience. 0 Votes, O%
They're a novelty to try and boast sales. 0 Votes, O%

Total Votes: 2

Well, it's pretty easy to guess what I voted for. Generally speaking, I have enjoyed collecting Achievements, and I find they really do add replay value to my games as I keep coming back to try and collect those last few and pump up my Gamerscore. They add something extra to collect and to do in a game, which overall, is a good thing, but they don't replace the sole focus of playing and enjoying the game.

To all those who voted in the polls over the last month, thanks for your support!

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