Sunday, April 19, 2009

Xbox 360 Warranty Extension Covers E74

Some excellent news. Many gamers have been experiencing the dreaded E74 with their Xbox 360's, an issue that renders the console useless and has become so prevalent that many now compare it to the three flashing red lights.

After months of increased E74 reports, Xbox Support is taking action, as Major Nelson reports that the three year general hardware failure warranty, which originally only covered the three flashing red lights, now also covers E74.

What's even better is that this covers any Xbox 360 still under 3 years old, so if you've paid for an E74 repair, you'll receive a refund in 4 to 12 weeks! If you don't get your refund by July 1st, go to prior to November 1st of this year to put in a claim.

Additional details on the warranty extension can be found here.

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