Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dead Space Completed on Impossible Difficulty

Well, I finally did it; I finally completed Dead Space on Impossible, earning the Epic Tier 3 Engineer Achievement and earning the last Achievement in the game. And was it ever hard!

I jumped right from Normal to Impossible, and made it as challenging for myself as I could. This meant no Elite Suit, and only using the Plasma Cutter. Enemies are a lot more durable, you're essentially made of paper, and ammo was very rare. Credit management and proper use of Save Stations and Stores was the key to victory, as well as a whole lot of cursing and swearing (Damn Leviathan.).

Each Chapter took me a little over and hour, with an overall play time of about 15 hours, and by the end I had scored it rich and was able to max out all my items and buy more ammo than I'd ever need, but getting to that point I needed to fight tooth and nail for every inch of breathing room.

The majority of my play experience was spent running around with about 50% health, and maybe a clip and a half to my Plasma Cutter. Let's just say I gained a whole new appreciation for Stasis and Kinesis (Beat the Leviathan using almost just Kinesis. It took over 30 minutes). Chapters 5, 9, and 10 stand out as the most frustrating Chapters, mainly because of very inconvenient "quarantine" points. Grrr...

Overall though, I haven't had that challenging, fun, or freaky of a gaming experience in a long time, and it just goes to justify my awarding of Dead Space as 2008's Game of the Year.

Well done EA, and please bring on an awesome sequel!

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