Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mortal Kombat Playboy Pinups

Apparently, late in the development of Mortal Kombat, artist Justin Murray was brought in to create Playboy pinups of some of the female kombatants.

I don't know if they were ever published in the magazine or not, but now, over a year later, the Mileena pinup is available in the Krypt of the PlayStation Vita version of the game.  There's also a Sindel pinup (done by a different artist) as well.

I personally found this rather funny, but also interesting from a business standpoint to see what kind of publicity a company goes through to market their product.

You can read up on the scope of the job on Murray's blog here, and also check out both his site and blog for cool concept art for other great games (such as the God of War franchise) and feature films.  In terms of Mortal Kombat, after the pinups he went on to do art for the Skarlet DLC, including her ending, and Rain's ending.

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