Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Walking Dead (Xbox 360) Completed for the 2nd Time, Game Breaking Bug Prevents 3rd Completion

I realized I forgot to post a few weeks back that I completed my second playthrough of Telltale Games amazing The Walking Dead (Xbox 360).

In contrast to my first playthrough, I decided to play as a more cruel Lee, though I basically supported Kenny through most of the game.  I also saved Doug this time, and performed several other selfish actions that I don't want to type here since they're spoilers.

While much of the end result is still the same, it was great to see how things changed along the journey of getting there, and I really need to commend Telltale Games for crafting such a wonderful storyline with such great character development.

I had so much fun, that only a week or so later I began my third and final playthrough of the game, this time playing sensibly and how I would react if I were indeed Lee.

Everything was going great up until the end of Episode 4 when I received the following error message:  "Storage device lost."  I've never in my history of gaming on an Xbox 360 seen this error before, and I assumed that it was the beginning stages of my HDD dying.

Turns out it's a game breaking bug, and at present, it doesn't appear that Telltale Games is able to reproduce it, let alone fix it.

Basically I first saw the error towards the end of Episode 4 when I'm choosing who's going to come and search with me.  I was able to use the "Rewind" feature to go back to the previous Checkpoint and complete the Episode without further issue, but the following day this error message began again roughly midway through Episode 5 (during "Seige").

Things I've tried to resolve the problem:

- Playing from Cloud Storage
- Clearing my System Cache
- Deleting and redownloading the Title Update

I even had a back up on a USB flashdrive from a few days earlier before any errors occurred, so I copied this to my HDD and resumed from there (halfway through Episode 3).  I was able to clear Episode 4 no problem, however I was only able to make it to "Trapped" in Episode 5 before the error hit again.  Subsequent attempts has it happening on "Siege" or "Trapped."

Sadly, I don't know what the issue is or why this is happening, and I've emailed Telltale Games Product Support in the hopes they can assist.

If anyone has also encountered this error and has found a solution, I'd love to hear what worked for you.

It's such a shame as otherwise the game is absolutely amazing, and I'm only about an hour out from finishing it for my third and what would be my final time.  Should I learn of a solution, I'll also post it up in case any of you are having the same issue.

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