Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gears of War (PC) Media - UPDATED

TeamXbox is hosting a bunch of new screenshots and a few gameplay videos of the new content that will be featured in Gears of War (PC), both Campaign and Multiplayer.

For the Campaign gameplay footage, I've seen a lot of it before on YouTube, however TeamXbox has it in crystal clear quality. The game's character models look crisper and a bit more detailed, if I'm not mistaken.

You can check out their coverage here.

I figure I'll be picking up Gears of War (PC) for my father this Christmas, and if I do, I'll get to go through the game, check out the new Campaign content, and pad my Gamer Score.

UPDATE: TeamXbox is hosting a full Impressions Article on Gears of War (PC) right here. Interesting read for the most part, and it's too bad they're not bringing that extra content to the Xbox 360. Seriously, I still think that they should.

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