Friday, October 26, 2007

Mass Effect - Limited Collector's Edition Availability

I did some forum trolling tonight, trying to find any details on the availability of the Mass Effect - Limited Edition here in Canada, and found them I have right from the official source.

The Limited Collector's Edition of Mass Effect will be available in Canada as an online only purchase through select retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, and EB Games.

The only catch thus far is that both Best Buy and Amazon make no mention of it, and EB Games does not allow online orders via their Canadian site. Right now, the only place I can see that we can get it from is through the American EB Games site.

Another interesting point to think about is what kind of metal case will the game come in, and if it comes in the exact same kind as what the Halo 3: Limited Edition came in, what will we do with those scratched discs if we can't exchange them in store?

Somewhat of a frustrating situation for those of us who like to collect a little extra with our games.

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