Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halo 3 Completed on Heroic

Early last week, I completed Halo 3 for the second time, this time on Heroic and finding all the Gold and Silver Skulls, as well as nabbing all the minor Single Player Achievements.

While I enjoyed this playthrough for the most part, there were some sections of the game, specifically early on (Can I just saw how horribly designed the first Chapter is?), that seriously pissed me off, though those were greatly amplified by the fact that I wasn't just playing the game, I was also trying to do specific things to nab some Achievements.

Generally speaking, Halo 3 is a solid title and I'll certainly playthrough it again (need to do the Meta Campaign Achievements), but its not the second coming of Christ that everyone made it out to be.

Some of the storyline issues still irked me, and I really don't understand why Bungie couldn't allow a) Controller remapping and b) a real save-game system to accompany the Checkpoint system. It is the 21st century after all.

While the game certainly packs in some great battles and intense moments, it really makes me sigh when I think of what Halo 3 could have been, and how the trilogy could have ended. Perhaps my expectations where too high, or perhaps I'm just thinking far clearer than the development team who was also bogged down by corporate marketing politics forcing them to do things a certain way and at a certain speed so Microsoft could turn a huge profit and secure some market share for Christmas.

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