Saturday, February 09, 2008

BioWare Comments on Fox "Sex" Allegations in Mass Effect

ActionTrip is reporting that Newsweek has the story where BioWare finally comments on Fox News' attack against Mass Effect, and why they themselves chose to remain silent:

"We asked Muzyka about this during the last night's D.I.C.E. Summit cocktail party. He told us that he wanted to first let the community respond to the erroneous statements made by Lawrence and other Fox News panelists (which he colorfully likened to having a complete stranger hold a gun to the head of one's newborn baby) and that he'd been heartened by the support that BioWare had received. As for why he and his colleagues didn't take the lead on the rebuttal, Muzyka not only cited the quote he'd given the New York Times, but added that there were different ways to respond to incidents such as these, and that his focus would be to continue to loudly proclaim at every opportunity that videogames are an art form deserving of serious respect. "

The article is a good read, and I say good on BioWare. Lord knows the gaming community responded with zeal.

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