Saturday, February 09, 2008

New General Manager for Gears of War Franchise

Kudo Tsunoda is now the general manager for Microsoft Game Studios' Gears of War franchise. I usually don't post about silly political corporate structure changes in the game industry, but what I found interesting was this specific comment made in IGN Xbox 360's report:

"There's additional content that we continue to do. Gears of War continues to be one of the most-played titles on Xbox Live. There's more that one can do to continue to deliver great experiences. And partnering with Epic on where we go from here. How can we make it even bigger and even better in the future. "

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing additional content added to Gears of War, specifically new Single Player content that fleshes out the story, and I'm not just talking about bringing the exclusive PC-content to the Xbox 360. Likely though, it'll just be a cheap cash-in on Multiplayer Maps.

Original news spotted at TeamXbox.

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