Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mass Effect Coming to PC

This happened much earlier than I expected it would, and I wonder if this was always planned or had something to do with BioWare's recent acquistion by EA. Regardless, BioWare has announced that Mass Effect will be coming to the PC this May.

The major announced changes, aside from the interface being redesigned for the PC and prettier graphics, are a new Decryption mini-game, as well as a redesigned GUI for the Equipment Screen.

BioWare has also updated the official site's gallery with screenshots for the PC version.

Now, based on these screens, the character models do look more detailed, but nothing to make me jump and shout about. I _am_ impressed with the look of the new Equipment GUI, which I thought was poorly done in the Xbox 360 version.

Regardless, its nice that PC gamers who have yet to purchase and Xbox 360 will be able to play this solid RPG. I do find it a bit amusing however at the change in trends, were PC gamers are now often forced to wait for console ports to their platform.

Original story spotted at ActionTrip.

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