Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fable II: Episodes Launches on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Today, Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios added Fable II to their Games on Demand line up on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, however unlike previous titles, this one's brought to us in Episodic format.

You can download the first Episode of Fable II here, and if you like what you play, you can download the additional episodes (5 in all, including the freebie) from within the game itself. You can also check out Lionhead Studio's press release here.

The full download is 100% compatible with the game's DLC, though at present, I don't know how much each individual Episode costs. Keep in mind the retail game now goes for $39.99, so it's likely cheaper at a store.

If that is the case, treat the first free Episode as a demo. Regardless, it is nice to see Microsoft try and do something different with Games on Demand, which has been ridiculously overpriced since it's inception, providing little incentive for gamers to actually spend their coin there.

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