Saturday, September 05, 2009

God of War Collection Coming to PlayStation 3

Announced earlier this week, Sony is bringing a great collection to the PlayStation 3, the God of War Collection.

Set to release this holiday season, the God of War Collection is digitally remastered copies of God of War and God of War II that will be brought to us in 720p and retail for $39.99. The games will also feature full Trophy support.

Well, I suppose this is one way for Sony to bring PlayStation 2 titles to their newer console without having backwards compatibility. Seriously though, these were the two games I'd really want to have on a PlayStation 3 from last generation, and this announcement has now given me more insentive to seriously consider picking a PlayStation 3 up.

The gameplay itself will remain completely intact, and there are no additions that I'm aware of.

You can check out IGN's reveal here, and Q&A here.

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