Monday, February 13, 2006

GameSpot PC Honours Doom as the Greatest Game of All Time

GameSpot PC has honoured the original Doom from December 1993 as the greatest game of all time. It's a great article for any gaming fan to read with video, screenshots, and even a link to download the final shareware version of the game.

The influence that Doom has had on modern gaming is astounding, and simply put gaming would be nothing like it is today if it weren't for Doom. Not just the terminology like Deathmatches and frags and such, but also 3D game worlds, most FPS arsenals, styles of enemies, etc. It all comes back to Doom.

And the simple fact that Doom is still such a fun and invigorating game to play after so many years speaks volumes about its quality. There is nothing like walking into a room with the Shotgun and pumping a few shells into some Imps. Even Doom 3, the original's remake, can't match the same fresh feeling or atmosphere that Doom provided.

You can read the full article about this gaming legend here.

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