Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Valve Confirms Half-Life 2: Episode II

God help us, it really is happening. Valve has confirmed the development of Half-Life 2: Episode II, and it should be out sooner than we think. Also, it looks like Half-Life 2: Episode I will have about 6 hours play time and will answer some of the questions left over from Half-Life 2.

Now if only they'd answer some of the question left over from 1998's Half-Life...

News spoted at ActionTrip.


Telly said...

Yes. How convenient that the bastards have most likely split whatever they had developed on Aftermath into two and bought themselves a whole lot more time to drag the whole thing out. That, and they'll likely charge more overall for the damn thing.

-The Staff (yes, We are still alive... though you'd gotten rid of us, had you, fearless leader??!!)

Juxtapose said...

Interesting, I never actually thought of it that way, but you're probably right.

In fairness though, they're not the first developer to release (or are expected to release) a split product. Blizzard Entertainment has done it, Bungie, etc.

Not that that makes it right, but there will be other developers who'll do the same after.