Saturday, February 11, 2006

Half-Life 2: Aftermath Renamed

Saw over at ActionTrip that GameSpot has learned the upcoming PC expansion to Half-Life 2 has been renamed from Half-Life 2: Aftermath to Half-Life 2: Episode I.

Wow, that's a really riveting name, much better than Aftermath. If Valve does want to go episodic (and God help us all 'cause that's what they're doing. Which means more vague storylines that have no real depth which people'll gobble up simply because it's all first person and therefore must be superior to a properly constructed narrative that actually tells a story), couldn't they just have revised the name to Half-Life 2: Epsidoe I - Aftermath? Sounds better to me.

Anyway, you can read the latest Valve drivel here.

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