Thursday, February 09, 2006

Halo 2 to Come to PC, Windows Vista Exclusive

Bungie and Microsoft have officially announced that Halo 2, the best selling Xbox title to date, will be ported to the PC and will be exclusive to Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system. It will feature the full Single Player Campaign as well as all the Multiplayer maps (Including the Map Pack ones).

You can find the full details and press release here, however aside from what I've said above there isn't much more to say. In fact, most of the press release is a Q&A, and the most common answer is literally: "We have not yet announced (insert question topic) at this time." Very... informative.

Anyway, the PC version of Halo 2 will look better and certainly handle better with a keyboard and Mouse, and there'll also be level creating for modders. Many would consider it's exclusive status to an as yet unreleased OS a marketing ploy, and hell I'd say they'd be right, but if it'll sell more copies of Windows Vista for Microsoft, then of course they'll do it. To clarify, Halo 2 PC will not work with Windows XP or lower, you'll need Vista to play the game and no Mac version has yet been announced.

Note the screenshot shown is from the Xbox version.

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