Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dud Year for Media

I got to thinking last weekend about what a dud year this has been for pretty much any medium I care about. Since I'm mostly a gaming site, let's briefly type about that first: There hasn't been a single title on any platform this year that I've went out and bought. In fact, the only title I'm interested in is LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy for my Xbox. Very sad. With Jade Empire and The Ultimate Doom (Xbox) complete, I'm presently playing through Half-Life 2 (Xbox) which was released last year, a co-op play-through of Halo 2, released in '04, and I've started up System Shock 2 on my PC, now that I've got it running, which was originally released in '99. At least next year looks like it has some promising titles.

Movie wise, I've seen very little in theatres and bought very few DVDs. In fact, the only film of '06 that's worth mentioning thus far is V for Vendetta. The Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut was amazing on DVD, but that's about it.

Music wise, well, most of it sucks these days and I simply cycle through my collection. I'll pick up Evanescence's upcoming disc, but that'll probably be all I get released from this year.

I honestly can't recall a year with so little happening in all mediums. Sad. Very sad.

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