Sunday, September 10, 2006

System Shock 2 not Windows XP Compatible

For the last few months, I've felt like playing through System Shock 2 once more, and for those not in the know, System Shock 2 is an exceptional FPS/RPG that focuses on horror/survival, and was one of the most exciting and influencial games to come out in 1999.

While poking around the net yesterday, I found an entry on Wikipedia that mentioned an enhanced or "Complimented" version of a mod entitled System Shock Rebirth that updates many of the game's character models, and I was intrigued enough to go download it and try it out. However after installing System Shock 2 I've discovered an unfortunate truth: it's not compatible with Windows XP or the NT kernel.

I can install the game, patch it, install the mod, and even get the game to boot up to the main menu and watch the intro movie, but once I try to load the game itself, it crashes. I've tried several work-arounds I've found online, most notably on this forum here, however so far I've had no luck and I only have one or two more work-arounds to try.

If anyone happens to have any suggestions on getting System Shock 2 to run on a Windows XP Home Edition system, please let me know.

It's quite sad that such a great title isn't supported on newer operating systems, as the atmosphere found in System Shock 2 is rivaled by few other titles. Doom 3 tried to emulate it and while a great game in its own right, fell short.

I could, of course, always go to my older system downstairs which is still running Windows 98 and load the game up, but that takes effort.

Screenshot from the original System Shock Rebirth mod.


Flame_Kettle said...

Great site! thanks,

There is a new version of windows coming soon? any idea when it will be ready? I heard it has been pushed back to February?

Thanks, anyways, I am going to read some more of your reviews,


Juxtapose said...

That would be Windows Vista. As far as I know, the official release window is still January 2007, however I've also heard rumours that it'll be delayed again.

Regardless, I never recommend the first version of a new OS anyway, since it's usually bug filled.

Thanks for reading Arbiter's Judgement!

Flame_Kettle said...

Thanks for the advice, but I am still using Windows ME, looking to buy a new computer soon, so I figured I would just wait till the new OS came out, and keep saving my money so I will be able to get the most insane gaming machine,

I bookmarked your site too btw, so I expect you to keep up your high standards, also I bought a PayDay ticket tonight as well for next Thursday,


Juxtapose said...

I was using a Windows 98 SE system until a few months ago. Unless you're looking to get something Vista exclusive, like Halo 2 or something, I'd say don't bother waiting and get an XP system now. The hardware you get now will run Vista just fine, and that way, you wait until they patch it/release a revised version before you "beta test" their new OS.

Due to work/time constraints, I mostly post on the weekends these days, but rest assured I'll continue to post about high-quality pointless crap!