Sunday, September 10, 2006

Evanescence's New Single

I went to Evanescence's site today and checked out the clip for their new single, "Call Me When You're Sober" which will be featured on their upcoming CD, The Open Door. Overall, it's not bad and it's great to hear Amy Lee's haunting vocals, however it lacked the impact of the original singles of their debut disc Fallen.

Still though, I liked it enough that I'll probably pick up The Open Door when it hits shelves on Oct. 3rd (assuming the Canadian date is the same as the American one). Expect a review shortly after, however in the interim, you can check out the audio clip here.

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Telly said...

We, the Staff (TM) checked out said single via iTunes. While the production quality is good, it does lack the same impact of Fallen. Perhaps it now seems a bit too formulaic? Also, We, the Staff (TM) have seen the video for "Call Me when You're Sober", and while it too has high production value, it all comes off as rather melodramatic.

-The Staff