Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Supporting my Axe

I just got off the phone with Xbox Support relating to the issues my new refurbished console is having with Golden Axe, and the rep has opened up a ticket with me and is escalating the issue to their tier 2 support.

In a nutshell, my Xbox 360 Console does not like the full version of Golden Axe. Whether I'm connected to Xbox LIVE or offline, it refuses to acknowledge that its anything other than the trial version of the game. What's even weirder is that every time I access the game or re-download it, my console will no longer give me any notifications until I reboot it.

In truth, I'm more curious as to the why than as to a fix; this bug is just plain crazy!

I've tried re-downloading the game, deleting it from my HDD and redownloading it, unlocking the full version from within the game, downloading the trial version and unlocking the full version from within the game, and I've performed maintenance on my HDD. Both the support rep and I are out of ideas, thus the escalation to tier 2.

He suspects it has something to do with the download rights management, and for some reason its not unlocking it properly when I log into Xbox LIVE. Unfortunately, do to Microsoft's DRM, all my Xbox LIVE Arcade games will only function in trial mode if I'm offline, and any content packs and some game films I've downloaded will also not work unless I'm connected to Xbox LIVE.

This is a piracy prevention measure, and I'm sure glad I can't watch the 30 second BioShock TV Spot when I'm offline. Think of the piracy!

Anyway, the tier 2 rep is going to look at that as well, and see if they can transfer ownership to my new console. They should be able to, seeing as they did so before last May.

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