Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Got My Game On

I received my new refurbished Xbox 360 Pro console at about 1:15 pm this afternoon. From the time I placed my repair order it only took Xbox Support a total of 5.5 business days to get me a replacement console. That is amazing service. Especially considering the disaster of last year's Support experience. I am _very_ impressed right now.

I'm even happier that the console hasn't red ringed on me out of the box!

The console they sent me was manufactured just over a month earlier than my previous refurbished unit, but it has a Benq DVD drive, which is rumoured to be the fastest and quietest one, and so far it's true. My current Xbox 360 seems to be very quite compared to the other two I've had, and I can now say that I've had one of each of the three kinds of DVD drives. Hitachi's was the worst since it completely crapped out on me.

The console itself is in excellent condition, with no scratches or scuff marks like on my last refurbished unit. I am going to wait a week before tossing on my Halo Faceplate though, just in case something does go wrong and I need to ship it back.

After plugging the console in, it went through the standard Initial Setup process, and after that everything seems to be more or less fine. I found that a few of my games needed to have their Title Updates reapplied, but I've tried every single Xbox 360 game and Xbox LIVE Arcade title I own, and they all work save for Golden Axe.

For some reason, this console doesn't want to recognize Golden Axe as being the full version; trial only. I tried redownloading it and deleting it and then redownloading it, but nothing. I'll likely need to call Support on this tomorrow. I also need to try some games in offline mode to see if they'll work or not.

Finally, I got a free 1 month Gold Membership card for Xbox LIVE, and my consoles warranty has now been extended until the end of May 2009.

So thank you Xbox Support, it seems you've done good this time.

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