Sunday, July 20, 2008

Juxtapose's Head Hurt from Think

I was planning on reviewing Halo: Contact Harvest and The Dark Knight today, however I've been battling a reoccurring headache since last night and it's really put the damper on writing anything lengthy. So, I'm going to have to push those reviews until next weekend, but I'll give you a quick summary of each to tide you over:

Halo: Contact Harvest

Amazing novel. Really opens up a lot of the early moments of the Halo universe, and most importantly, greatly expands on the Covenant perspective and politics, something that was done in Halo 2 but sorely lacking from Halo 3. A must read for any Halo fan, and a book that directly precedes the upcoming Halo Wars.

The Dark Knight

The best super hero flick I've seen in years. The Joker makes the film, hands down, and he really is so wonderfully sadistic. Amazing villain and awesome performance. The film has some minor pacing issues here and there and has some odd squeamish moments that don't match the dark and violent tone carried throughout, but this is a must see film.

Full reviews next weekend.

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