Sunday, July 13, 2008

Microsoft Point Cost Reduction

Microsoft Points have seen a slight cost reduction when purchased via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, by a total of $0.50 (hey, it's better than nothing, I suppose).

As an example, you can now purchase 500 Microsoft Points for $7.25 instead of the previous cost of $7.75. This means that 1 Microsoft Point equals $0.0145 when purchased online.

In retail stores, Microsoft Points are still slightly cheaper, but the gap is now very insignificant and you can only purchase them in 1400 or 2800 denominations. As an example, 1400 Microsoft Points cost $19.99 in most stores, and this translates into 1 Microsoft Point equaling $0.0143.

This means 500 Microsoft Points would cost about $7.14 at retail (if they were sold in that denomination), so you're only saving $0.11 in stores, minus your transportation costs which could actually factor in to make them more costly in both time and money.

So in a nutshell, you likely better off purchasing them via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace again. Yay for the strong Canadian dollar!

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