Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dead Space RIG Downloads

For a limited time, players can download an exclusive RIG for Dead Space depending on the console they pick up the game for.

Xbox 360 gamers can download the Elite RIG, which is themed off the Xbox 360's colours, and PlayStation 3 gamers can download the Obsidian RIG, based off the PlayStation 3's colour scheme.

As far as I know, both RIGS have the same stats and characteristics with the only difference being cosmetic to each platform. They're Level 5 RIGs, start with 90 seconds of Air, 10% Armour, and additional inventory slots.

Both RIGs are free and will only be available for 2 weeks after Dead Space's launch, which was October 14th.

Originally spotted via Wikipedia here.

Players can also download the Scorpion RIG off the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 200 Microsoft Points, or via the PlayStation Store for $2.49. The Scorpion RIG is mainly red in colour, and is a Level 5 RIG, 90 seconds of Air, 25% armour, and all inventory slots.

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