Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fable II: Limited Collector's Edition Revision, No Online Co-Op at Launch, and New Developer Diary

Microsoft Game Studios has announced a change to the Fable II: Limited Collector's Edition due out later this month.

The Fable II: Limited Collector's Edition will now cost $10.00 less, priced at $69.99 (US), however most of original bonus content has been removed. Now, it will only contain:

- Bonus DVD with new "Making of Feature"
- Bonus In-Game content, The Hall of the Dead Dungeon, The Wreckager Legendary Cutlass Weapon, Spartan Armour and Energy Sword.

Aside from the premium box that's now gone, the remaining content is the best of the original package in my opinion, with the bonus in-game content being the main draw. Honestly though, I don't think it's worth an extra $10.00.

The more I think about Fable II, the less excited I am by it, and this change in the Limited Collector's Edition clearly re-enforces the stigma surrounding Lionhead Studios of not delivering what they promise and brag about. This is also demonstrated by the lack of on-line co-op, something that was greatly bragged about, which will no longer be available at launch, but will arrive via a Title Update afterwards.

Honestly, I think I'll pass on Fable II for now, and wait for it to become a Platinum Hits title. With any luck, I'll score like last time by waiting with Fable: The Lost Chapters (Xbox); more content at a much cheaper cost than at launch.

News spotted at TeamXbox.

Lionhead Studios has also released their seventh Developer Diary for Fable II, which you can view below, on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, or via this link.

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