Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Fallout 3 Screenshots

ActionTrip is hosting some new Fallout 3 screenshots right here.

Too bad I'm going to miss this game's launch :(.

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Flame_Kettle said...

Well, here is a possibly amusing story, September 29th I walk into EB Games, look around, and then confused I go up to the counter and ask the clerk if Fallout 3 was released yesterday? He looks in his book and informs me that Oct 28th is the release day,, ( I knew that,, I knew that,, for some reason I thought it was October,, what the heck? )

anyways, so I tell the clerk, "oh crap I got my months confused, if I ever need to know what month it is, I will be sure to call you"

and then he tells me he has all the release dates in the book, my little joke,, he didn't understand it, and the worse part is,, I wasn't able to get Fallout 3, because it isn't out yet,,

boy did I feel dumb though,