Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gears of War 2 "Making Gears 2: Enter the Horde" ViDoc, Gears Flashback Series "Top-5 Locust" Video, "Last Day" COG Tag Microsite Launched

Several Gears of War 2 updates to post about this week.

The first is a new ViDoc entitled "Enter the Horde," which details many of the new enemies you'll face in Gears of War 2's campaign (I'm really excited about a few of these), and you can view it below or on the official site's media page here.

Next is another Top-5 video, narrated by Baird, in which he counts down the top 5 deadliest Locust from the Campaign of Gears of War. You can watch it below or via the link here.

Finally, a new microsite entitled "Last Day" has been added in which you can enter various COG tag codes to find out some more details about the game. I haven't bothered looking yet since that takes effort, but you can find out the details here, and the microsite here.

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