Sunday, October 04, 2009

EB Games Fails to Price Match

This rather annoyed me today, though I shouldn't be surprised as any respectable gamer knows EB Games is all about lies and false policies. I found out that Toys R Us is now selling Halo 3: ODST for $59.99, $10.00 off the original retail price, so I decided to call up EB Games to see if they'd do a price match, post-purchase, like Best Buy and does. The answer I received is yes so long as you have the receipt and an actual store flyer showing the lower cost.

I took a trip to a mall that has both a Toys R Us and an EB Games in it (I was told by the EB Games rep at the place I purchased the expansion from that I could price match at any location), and once I obtained a flyer and presented it to that EB Games rep, they wouldn't perform a price match.

Since the product originally retailed for $69.99 at Toys R Us, they say they can't do it, as this is a "sale" price Best Buy or Future Shop certainly would have, so I guess EB Games really isn't too interested in keeping their customers happy. The EB Games rep here sited that it's "a temporary sale price," but nowhere on the flyer does it say "sale" or "limited time," and it looks like a perma-price reduction to me.

Since I drove about 30 minutes out of my way for this, I'm none to happy with EB Games' typical sleezy business practices, and I'll be sending a rather strongly worded email to their corporate office to let them know what I think of their "business." While I doubt such a letter will accomplish anything, it'll certainly feel good to tell them the truth: that their slime.

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