Sunday, October 04, 2009

Trials HD Trial (Xbox 360) Impressions

As most of you know, I'm not exactly a fan of racing games of any sort, and driving around a Warthog is about as hardcore as I get, so the only reason I bothered to download and try out the Trials HD Trial is simply because I got a free copy of the game from X'09. Not wanting to waste the Code, I decided to try the Trial first: If I like it, I'd redeem the code. If not, I'd give it to a friend.

I gave it to a friend.

Trials HD is a game where you play as a motorbike stunt driver who's going through all these kind of crazy courses, and you need to make it from a course's beginning to end without wiping out. The game is viewed from a classic side scroller perspective, and you can unlock additional bikes with different stats as you progress.

Trials HD certainly looks great for an Xbox LIVE Arcade title, and the controls are generally simple enough, but it's really just not my type of game. I'd pass some courses and wipe out a lot on others, but even when I did succeed I got no satisfaction from the game.

So in brief, not my thing, but maybe yours. I know my friend will enjoy the free copy of the game, and perhaps you will to. Give the Trial a whirl, and see.

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