Thursday, October 15, 2009

Xbox 360 Price Drop. Sort Of.

A little while back, the Xbox 360 Pro console was nixed and the Xbox 360 Arcade console was increased in cost to $229.99. The Xbox 360 Elite console was reduced in price to $329.99, but the HDMI cable was removed from its bundle, replaced with a Standard AV cable.

This all happened roughly a month ago, but it looks like the Xbox 360 has seen a price adjustment yet again. According to here, the Xbox 360 Arcade console now retails for $199.99 (again), and the Xbox 360 Elite is now $299.99.

That's better, in my opinion. $200.00 for an Xbox 360 Arcade isn't too bad, but I'd even love to see it about $20.00 lower since you really don't get too much with it.

Anyway, the Xbox 360 Elite is really the way to go right now if you're looking to buy a brand new console.

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