Saturday, October 17, 2009

PlayStation 3 250GB System Announced

Coming on November 3rd, Sony has announced yet _another_ PlayStation 3 console, this one sporting a 250GB HDD and retailing for $349.99 (US). Aside from that, I believe it's going to be identical to the current PlayStation 3 120GB System.

This makes sense seeing as how they'll want to keep up with Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform, which will soon begin sporting a 250GB HDD, and the PlayStation 3 120GB System is presently the only SKU under production.

But damn, does Sony run through a _lot_ of different SKU's! There's been the 60GB, 20GB, 80GB, 40GB, 160GB, generally seeing ports and features removed (PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility) with each new model. Then they redesigned the platform completely this past September with the Slim 120GB, and now the 250GB will appear in November. That also excludes their limited edition consoles.

Talk about constantly re-packaging a product.

Spotted at ActionTrip.

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