Sunday, October 04, 2009

Robotron: 2084 Trial (Xbox 360) Impressions

The same friend I gave my Trials HD code to offered me a code he has lying around for Robotron: 2084, but before accepting, I decided to give it's Trial a whirl. Damn, is it ever old school!

The Trial version of Robotron: 2084 can be completed in about 5 minutes, literally. I never played the original arcade game back in yester-year, but basically you move around the screen with the Left Stick, and point the Right Stick in the direction you want to fire, trying to shot all the robots on screen before they touch, and kill, you and any other friendlies around. Very, very simple, and if you move quickly and point the Right Stick in the correct direction, you'll overcome the Trial version.

While I had no issues with the simplicity of Robotron: 2084, it was just far too old school for my liking, so I passed on my friend's free code. I just can't see myself sitting there playing something so repetative for hours, and hours on end, and a Trial like this helps me to appreciate how far gaming has come (though it also gives me respect for where gaming all came from).

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