Sunday, October 16, 2005

Doom 3 Coming to Sony Playstation 3?

I saw a link to an interesting article over at Planet Doom. Apparently, there's talk that Doom 3 might come over to Sony's upcoming Playstation 3 console.

I've never been a fan of Sony's consoles, as most of their titles don't appeal to me or I can simply find them on Xbox or PC where they tend to be of better quality, however this would be good news for Playstation Doom fans who haven't had a Doom title since Final Doom was ported over to the PS one back in 1996.

Unless there are big changes or upgrades, however, porting over Doom 3 when it will then be about 2 years old may not be the best idea. Personally I'd prefer to see something along the lines of higher resolution support offered for the current Xbox version either as a stand alone update or through Xbox Live on the Xbox 360.

Screenshot posted from the PC version of Doom 3.

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