Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Staff once again gets topical

So evidently public school teachers over in British Columbia are going to be slapped with massive fines from the BC courts after going on strike. This comes after a BC judge ruled that the teachers were in contempt of court by continuing their picketing. Apparently, BC's libbies ruled that Public school was an essential service back in 2001, ergo strikes were deemed illegal. The reason the teachers are insisting on striking is because their latest contract with the province involves no pay increases for the next two years.

We, the Staff (TM) offer this viewpoint: If public school is deemed an essential service (not exactly an invalid point, that), how then are teachers and other staff members supposed to defend against unfair employment standards and practices? What they are fighting against is not unreasonable; costs of living in this country are always on the rise, and wages must reflect that. Mind you, it is a sad fact that many wages across the country do not reflect cost of living increases.

In the end, We say: Lousy Capitalism.

-The Staff

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