Monday, October 10, 2005

Evening Post - Vacation Over

Well kids, tonight marks the end of our vacation. It's been a good week and a bit off. A little relaxation, a little family, and a little beer.

Got to try some Sleeman Steam, the 5th of the 8 brands of Sleeman's (in Ontario) that I've tried. It was very good, smooth beer, nice finish. No Cream Ale mind you, but I liked it as much as a Sleeman Clear, and it's better than Sleeman Original Draught.

The new NHL season has started up as well, which is great. A hockey game is always a great reason to yell at and throw stuff at your TV. Sadly, my Leafers haven't done so hot, loosing their first 2 games. Game 3's starting up now, so hopefully the Leafs can beat those lousy Sens.

Our nation's capital was great, and I highly recommend the new War Museum to any war buff. It was so thorough, so comprehensive, that the Staff and I only got through three quarters of it in 7.5 hours! You get to see the authentic weapons used in World War II from all sides, as well as some tanks and artillery. Really cool, especially if you're a Call of Duty fan. If I have the time later I'll write up an extensive review of it.

Finally, many of you (as in no one) has been wondering where the hell Phil went. Don't worry, he's okay, simply hung over again. That crazy Phil, always so cranky when he's been drinking.

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