Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Half-Life 2 (Xbox) Gone Gold

Speak of the devil. Half-Life 2 (Xbox) has officially gone gold and will begin shipping on Tues. Nov. 15th to stores everywhere.

The Xbox version of Half-Life 2 will be Single Player only, no Xbox Live Support, and will be a direct port of the PC's Campaign and not a modified version level design-wise as Doom 3 (Xbox) was. Apparently, while it will overall look worse than a top-of-the-line PC (obviously), the lighting quality will be better. Not sure quite why.

The one amazing thing I'm happy about with the Xbox version will be the lack of Steam, Valve Software's junk distribution service. The one thing I'm unhappy about is the lack of any kind of special collector's edition that would have included Half-Life for the Xbox. I really would have liked to have played the original Half-Life on my Xbox, and the system is certainly capable of handling a late '98 shooter.

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Telly said...

We thinks Valve ripped off Matthew Good's look for Gordon Freeman. Think about it!

-The Staff