Monday, October 24, 2005

The Staff is MIA

We, the Staff (TM) regret to inform the readership that Staff Leader Alpha Nine-Seven, the very hive of Our trademark wit, is missing in action. We received the following broken communique from SL-A97 approximately 48 hours ago:

"...epea...Mayday, all Staff, May*&$^... overwhelme**(&hostile forces... unknown if possible to make rendez*%&#!@(--- regroup at all costs!---Defen&%he blog! Assist Fearless $&^!der! Arbite$*#udgeme$* must survive! Message repea^&%@-----"

Let us all pause and lend out our thoughts to the Mighty Staff Leader Alpha Nine-Seven.

-The Incomplete Staff

1 comment:

Juxtapose said...

Wait... you still work here? I thought you ran away to join that convent?