Sunday, August 05, 2007

Marathon: Durandal (Xbox 360) Demo Impressions

This past Wednesday, Marathon: Durandal, a classic shooter by Bungie, made its way to Xbox Live Arcade, and while I can still get into such classic titles as Doom, I could not get into Marathon: Durandal.

The game is actually a sequel, and you play the part of some kind of special soldier working with an advanced AI (named Durandal) against an unrelenting alien force. Sound familiar?

I only played the demo for several minutes, however I found the controls irked me a bit. The layout is very similar to most classic sprite-based shooters, however I did not like the way my character would "overstep" to get across gaps and pits.

While I did find it cool that you could at first battle with a few friendlies by your side, and I like how some of the enemies and weapons reminded me of Halo: Combat Evolved, I honestly could not get into Marathon: Durandal and recommend that you try before you buy.

Peronally, I'll wait for Doom II or Quake to get my classic shooter fix, should those ever hit Xbox Live Arcade.

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