Monday, August 06, 2007

Quake II (PC) Demo Impressions via Steam

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to infest my PC with that dreaded Steam "distribution service" and see how the almighty id Software's classic products played over it. If you've been a long time reader of Arbiter's Judgement, then you'll know I missed out on playing Quake II back in the day and have some kind of romanticism going on with the game, so that's the demo I decided to try.

Basically, when all is said and done, it plays fine, basically like how I remember it on my Xbox 360 save that I can actually aim quickly and precisely. I did find it overly dark though, even after increasing the game's Gamma, and sadly I don't think my Marine is packing a Flashlight.

Quake II looks well enough at 1024x768, especially since it's a first gen title running of the id Tech 2 Engine, but there was something about it, something with its age and play style that irked me this time around, and I can't quite define what it is.

Regardless, for $9.95 US, I might get around to purchasing this one in the future should I get really bored, as it isn't going anywhere, and at least I don't need to deal with the ridiculous shipping costs from the id Store. Instead of paying $22.26 CA for the game and then _again_ for shipping, I'd simply need to deal with the retarded Steam spying on what I do all do and giving me grief if I want to play a Single Player game offline. Joy.

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