Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Staff Enters Hell

We, the Staff (TM) have gone and followed in Fearless Leader's footsteps.  Since he had such fun with his Xbox 360 going and conking out on him, Ours went and thought it would follow suit.  Behold!  The Three Red Lights of DOOM!!!

We promptly called Xbox support and got the potentially lengthy repair process underway (curiously, there was no mention of a refurbishment as there was with Fearless Leader's console).  Fortunately Microsoft recently upped the Official 3-red-lights-of-DOOM!!! warranty to 3 years from date of purchase.

Anyway, this should make for an intriguing saga/epic quest/tale to pass down through generations type thingy. 

We, the Staff (TM) will keep you posted. It's not like We have a 360 to distract Us for the moment!

-The Staff

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Juxtapose said...

Though the situation for my repair last Spring is different from the one you're going through now, I can feel your pain crazy Staff.

The timing just couldn't be worse, crapping out on you right with the release of BioShock.

However, please keep us up to date on the different stages of your repair process. It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft has gotten its act together.

Take note of your serial number and manufacture date, and also take note of any specific dates that a Support Rep tells you.

Keep us posted.