Saturday, May 24, 2008

BioShock Coming to PlayStation 3

Much to my surpise, I actually found this bit of news on Sony Defence Force, which has to be the greatest satirical gaming site in history, or the premiere poster-child for Sony fanboys unable to admit their platform is in last place thus far.

Regardless, since real publications, such as IGN, are reporting this as well, it's likely to be true: BioShock is coming to the PlayStation 3 later this year.

While we're still waiting for an official announcement from 2K Games, I for one want to say that I'm glad about this. As many of you know, I am not a fan of the PlayStation 3, however BioShock is such an amazing game, such a great experience, I fully believe everyone should play it regardless of platform.

Now, I've also seen PlayStation 3 fanboys slamming Microsoft for loosing an exclusive title to their console, even being bold enough to come and slam Xbox 360 gamers on their own forums. Well, to those fanboys I have this to say, cut and pasted from this forum post on the official Xbox BioShock forum:

"If you like the PlayStation 3, if it's your preferred gaming console, then good for you, and I'm happy you'll finally be able to play the exceptional game that is BioShock; it is a game everyone should get to play.

This doesn't change the fact that even with a few added features or higher resolution, the Xbox 360 tends to get AAA titles a lot sooner, they play great and do well for the console. If you want to wait for refurbished hand-me-downs, well hey, again, good for you. Me, I like playing great games when they're originally released.

I mean, look at this Metacritic list for the PlayStation 3. Only 4 titles rate above 90% for the PlayStation 3's entire line up, and the top 5 games for the console are cross-platform with the Xbox 360. Two of those were released first on the Xbox 360, 2 of those are tied in percentage, and 3 are rated higher on the Xbox 360. You can compare with the Xbox 360 list here, which has 12 games 90% plus.

And what about exclusive titles? Resistence: Fall of Man is supposed to be good, but it's not worth a $400.00 system for. Lair was so bad Sony had to send a kit to try and tell professional reviewers how to review the game, and how about the recently released Haze? I was just at EB Games today, and saw someone returning an unopened copy because he was lucky enough to read the reviews first.

Now, let's look at the Xbox 360. Gears of War. Halo 3. BioShock. Mass Effect. All exceptionally reviewed titles, so of course developers are going to try and make them un-exclusive, of course Sony would want as many as possible coming to their console. The PlayStation 3 _needs_ good games because it's own exclusives simply can't measure up. There's a reason Microsoft's console is the current leader of this generation in software sales.

PlayStation 3 gamers are rejoicing that BioShock is coming to their console, what about if Lair was ported to the Xbox 360? Or Haze? Or Ratchet and Clank? That's right, no one would care because no one _wants_ those exclusives; Sony can keep them.

So again, if you love your PlayStation 3, if it's you're preferred console, than that's great, I'm happy for you. But please, don't come to this Xbox forum slamming our console because you finally get our hand-me-downs; at least our console has something to offer you, even if it is after a few years. "

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