Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gears of War 2 Campaign Gameplay Video

Yesterday around 1:00 am, Epic Games and Microsoft Game Studios released the first official footage of the Campaign for Gears of War 2 in a gameplay trailer that can be downloaded in all its glory from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, or viewed right here on the Xbox Gears of War 2 site (it's the 4th video, bottom right of the selection).

The trailer features a 1 minute intro by lead designer Cliffy B., and then goes on to show some excellent footage for about 2 minutes.


In a word: "Sweet." The enhancements to the Unreal Engine 3 in this trailer are clearly evident, and the footage looks gorgeous. _If_ they're able to have the game running at a solid frame rate _and_ with minimal texture pop-in, then Epic Games will once again be showing off the power of the Xbox 360 versus its competition.

Looks like we have some new weapons thrown into the mix, and I love the concept of using a bleeding-out enemy as a human shield. How many times would that have come in handy in Gears of War, and that neck snap! The Chainsaw duels look awesome, as does gutting an enemy from behind.

It's also nice to see that Xbox 360 gamer's will finally get to battle the Brumak, and the scope and scale of this entire Act 1 Chapter is simply awesome; loved it.

Now hopefully Epic Games will fix the awful checkpoint system from the original game...

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